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Richard L Zarth III

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About Me

I am a software engineer with a specialization in developing for Apple platforms (iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS). I am passionate about continuously learning new technologies, tools, and methodologies in the software world. I consistently apply my computer science background and knowledge of industry best practices to ensure that the software I write is efficient, maintainable, readable, easy to use, and (above all else) secure. I strive to be a team leader upon which others can depend and to share my knowledge to create a more well-informed environment for my peers.

My special focuses include application architecture, algorithmic optimizations, security, user privacy, and cryptography.





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Down to Chill

App Store (coming soon)

An iOS app that creates a user experience aimed at making it easy to allow friends to stay connected and communicate. The app is built using UIKit and Swift, leveraging many modern features of the iOS platform. The app uses a server-side Swift Vapor backend (with PostgreSQL database) and Firebase Cloud Firestore to power its many online features, including a custom messenger and push notifications. I developed the backend components as well as co-developed the frontend components for this application. The app is currently in private TestFlight beta and is expected to launch on the App Store in 2021.

Fast Track

App Store (coming soon)

A macOS AppKit and SwiftUI task-tracking menubar application using Core Data, CloudKit, and a login launcher with a focus on reusable components, keyboard shortcuts, and hotkey integration. This application was developed as a hobby project and is planned to be released in the macOS App Store in late 2020.


App Store (coming soon)

An iOS app and Vapor API that together compose a privacy-focused, end-to-end encrypted shared digital password vault built using programmatic UIKit views, CryptoKit, Combine, Keychain, and XCText. Cryptography plays a large role in the development of this application and much thought was put into developing the secure scheme to ensure that information could be securely stored and shared within a group. This application is planned for App Store release in the first half of 2021.


API (PHP)iOS (Swift)

An iOS app and PHP backend that form a personalized image streaming service. The iOS app is built using Interface Builder, Auto Layout, CocoaPods, Alamofire, Cloudinary, Keychain, and NSCache. The PHP backend focuses on security by leveraging PHP’s MySQLi extension and prepared and parameterized statements, uses MySQL for databasing, and AWS’ machine learning platforms (Comprehend and Rekognition) to allow for suggested tags based on text and images. I was the sole developer for the iOS frontend and the primary developer for the PHP backend.

Lead the Way

An indoor navigation iOS app for the visually impaired using Apple’s SpritKit, Speech, and Core Location frameworks. To mitigate the inaccuracies of GPS indoors, the app uses a custom-written tracking algorithm that uses Apple’s Core Motion APIs and the device’s gyroscope to track the user’s movement while attempting to correct for error over time. A server-side Swift Vapor application RESTfully serves map data to the iOS application. This application was developed as my Computer Science Senior Design project at the University of Central Florida where I was the project lead.


Desktop (C)

This project consists of a full compiler (including lever, scanner, parser, checker, and code generator) for a programming language called PL/0. This project also consists of a virtual machine to run the code in a stack-based architecture.


App Store

A standalone watchOS SwiftUI Pokémon type checker app with haptic and Digital Crown integrations. This app was developed as a weekend hobby project.

Work Safe Zones

An iOS MDM application that leverages MicroMDM, Core Bluetooth, and Firebase Realtime Database. I was the principle designer and developer of this application as an independent contractor.